Mixers & Agitators

TDS can supply Agitators and Mixers for use across a range of industries and applications. The standard range is available with shaft lengths ranging from 600 mm to 1500 mm. You can choose a shaft from a choice of materials to ensure chemical compatibility. Outside of our standard range (outlined below) we can offer bespoke mixers to meet the requirements of any dosing system.Mixers

The AF Mixer range is available with shaft lengths between 600 and 1000 mm. These mixers are also available with either Single or Three Phase power supplies. We hold these in our UK stock so they are available for next day delivery in the UK & Ireland.

For applications which require a longer shaft length we can supply the AGV (swift) or the AGR-V (slow) models. Both feature shaft lengths up to 1500 mm with different material options. In addition there are with Single or Three Phase power supply options.

Bespoke mixer options are available with custom shaft lengths and a choice of shaft material, so you can choose from a range of impeller types and size to suit any application. You can choose high or low speed mixers allowing you the best for your dosing system.

We can also supply manual mixers with either 600 or 800 mm shafts, which are available in PVC. They are built with a twin blade impeller and are driven by a rotary handle.

In conclusion to get all the information on our mixer pricing and available build options please contact us using our contact form, on email with sales@totaldosingsolutions.com or +44(0) 1636 653 065.