Dosing Accessories

We stock and supply a large selection of dosing accessories to perfect any dosing application.

Dosing Accessories: Pulsation Dampener

Pulsation Dampeners

A pulsation dampener, also known as a hydro-pneumatic device, absorbs particularly abrupt momentum changes in fluid. This can lengthen the life of your dosing pumps and your system’s pipework by reducing the ability of pressurized water to damage internal components with repetitive hammering.

TDS Pulsation Dampeners Datasheet

Pressure Relief & Loading Valves

Dosing Accessories: Loading Valve

A pressure relief valve provides a safety guarantee essential for any dosing system involving pressurized and aggressive chemicals. A loading valve is used to sustain the pressure at a minimum level during the entire pump cycle. Consult the datasheet for all model details and material options.

TDS Pressure Relief & Loading Valve Datasheet

Rodding Injectors

Some chemicals have a tendency to form crystallizations within the pipe work of a dosing system, especially calcium hypochlorite. Therefore, use a rodding injector to quickly and simply clean away these deposits. We have custom thread sizes available to suit any system.

TDS Rodding Injector Datasheet

Custom Plastics

We can also supply bespoke fittings for unique applications which require a custom solution.

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