Dosing Systems for the Wet Leisure Industry


Everybody knows what a top-class swimming pool, ready for the wet leisure industry, looks like:

A beautiful swimming pool with Total Dosing Solutions systems.

As a matter of fact a great pool engineer, skilled in wet leisure dosing, will already know how to run a swimming pool dosing system to get that beautiful water. For instance consider this complicated diagram:

                                             A typical pool water treatment system – easy when you know how…


But what if you’re not a pool engineer? What if you know a little bit, but not as much as you really want? Then that’s where Total Dosing Solutions are most helpful. Choose us and we will do the hard work for you. Our qualified engineers will install onsite the right dosing system and we will give you the right training.


It can be tough choosing the right equipment. It can be complicated getting it to work, even after reading the instructions! And when your system works it must operate at the right pH, with the right chemical dosing, at the right rate.

It’s all in the training.

Because a well-maintained swimming pool need not cause skin dryness, irritation or an excessive chlorine odour. One of the secrets is training – all part of the service with Total Dosing Solutions. We can eliminate the confusion, the guess work and show you how to maintain your dosing system, it’s no harder than looking after a car. And should the worst happen we’re only a phone call away. That’s true reliability, that’s money saved.

Years of trouble free usage.

Click the contact form and we will demystify any jargon and help you avoid the pitfalls. Total Dosing Solutions make it easier than ever to get a clean, safe and sparkling top-class swimming pool.

Our Chemical Dosing Systems For Wet Leisure

Whether you need an entire dosing system, or just one crucial part, we have the answer. We will even provide a service kit of one years spare parts for your peace of mind. Read along and explore three of our most popular systems, or just take the short cut and contact us now:

            eControl pH-Rx Panel                           eOne PLUS pH-Cl Panel                 eSelect B3 pH-Rx-Cl Panel

With baseline technical options including:

  • Measuring Channels: Up to three (typically pH, Cl or ORP/Redox)
  • pH Measuring Range: 0-14 pH
  • ORP Measuring Range: -1000 to +1400 mV
  • Free Chlorine Measuring Range: 0-2 or 0-20 PPM (dependent on probe)
  • Probe options: pH & Redox probes available in epoxy or glass; Chlorine probes available with 0-2 or 0-20 PPM measuring ranges
  • Dimensions: 450 x 600 or 900 x 600 mm dependent on configuration

Our systems are available with a choice of controllers or pumps to provide the flexibility for your dosing system. Options include the eSelect (with colour screen and USB data recording), the eOne PLUS (for regulating and dosing), or the eControl, a great entry level controller.

We have only just scratched the surface of what we offer and what we can do. So contact us now and let Total Dosing Solutions take care of your pool dosing system.

Our Three Points Of Excellence

INSTALLATION – Total Dosing Solutions can show you how to keep a pool clean, safe and sparkling. We can design and install onsite using one of our fully qualified engineers.

TRAINING – No confusion or time wasting. We are able to offer both visits to your pool from one of our qualified engineers as well as after sales support over the phone if required.

RELIABILITY – We only use equipment from some of the high quality major manufactures within the leisure industry. We have years of experience and know what works.

Eliminate the down time.

Eliminate the guesswork.

That’s what being cost effective is all about.